This is an example of putting an RSS feed in to a note.

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Notoriety Web Notes comes with included plugins for:

  • RSS feeds (Supports podcasts)
  • Flickr
  • Amazon
  • YouTube


Layered notes that come to the front when the mouse cursor is over them. (see below)

Easy to use drag & drop editor.

Textile mark-up for easier text formatting.

RSS feed support with many options.

Podcast support for both audio and video.

Images and media (mp3s, video files, etc.) can be shown and played directly inside notes.

Many included plugins, and the option for advanced users to create their own.

One click style selector for notes, to set colours, fonts & borders.

Session based undo & redo for notes, so if you make a mistake, you can correct it without having to re-type or re-edit.

Grouped note features that allow you to select multiple notes and move them all at once, or arrange them in a set way such as tiling or stacking.


Notoriety uses a number of open-source libraries and classes to achieve its functionality, including the YAHOO User Interface library the Magpie RSS reader, Textile by Dean Allen, Domit XML parser and the Snoopy HTTP client for PHP.

This is an example of putting Flickr content in to a note.

Autumn evening."Lost in the Woods"...Sunflower Seed Head
Through My Garden GateSunwapta Falls I remember waiting for some cloud cover because the sun was soooo bright that it washed out the waterfall. Once the cloud came over it looked much better. #waterfall #water #nature #trees #canada #banffnationalparkShorebreak Art<::::::::::
Autumn.Faro de AjoSunset over Newgrange